The ACA Laundry list contains traits of ACA or people from dysfunctional families. Every person does not typically have all of the traits listed, but, most people have quite a few. (Click on the link above for the complete ACA Laundry List.)

                Growing up in a family where the parents use alcohol or drugs to excess can give children a confusing childhood. They experience loud arguments. They may be physically abused or see it happen to the parent who is not abusing substances. Sometimes they witness their siblings being abused.

                It’s hard to make sense out of all of this as a child. Many Adult Children of Alcoholics have rationalized it by believing the bad behavior they witness or experience is normal. They then may go out into the world and connect with people who are abusive like their abusive parent. This is continuing a cycle that is unhealthy and can ruin their lives.

                Looking at the Laundry List and acknowledging those traits they have is a first step in the healing process. Knowledge is power, so Adult Children can begin this process by understanding where they may be in this cycle.